Welcome to Mariposa Estate!


Own your own waterfront property, enjoy a breathtaking seaview and have the luxury of a private marina!


We would like you to take you on a virtual walk through our land in Guanaja. 


We created and developed our caribbean paradise within the last 25 years. It was an undeveloped piece of 21+ acres when we purchased it in 1999. We worked continuously for the next years to build our personal vision of a very special and unique home that blends in well with nature, does not require a lot of maintenance and vibrates with good energies.


The buildings on the land are uniquely designed and you will not find another one like this with app. 2.500 sq.ft. of living space. The buildings are a high quality construction with double walls, high-end stainless steel hinges, hard wood doors and windows.  


This is your opportunity, if you are looking for an exclusive hideaway, that offers a lot of privacy, pure nature, spectacular sea views and some luxurious comforts.

The property also offers excellent investment opportunities  - be it a development of eco-friendly resort or hotel or the construction of family homes.  


Have a closer look!