Why Guanaja?



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Some general information about Guanaja you find on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guanaja




Life in Guanaja

Once you decide that Guanaja is one of the best kept secret in the whole caribbean and that´s where you are going to live you might probably ask - 


How is life in Guanaja?


Where to shop?


First of all most of the people on the island speak english which makes it easy to communicate if you are not familiar with the spanish language.

The main settlement is located on a cay where you find all you need: shopping, banks, medical service, schools, restaurants and so on. The locals call it „the cay“. Some call it also Bonacca or Bonacca Town. 


Originally there were two cays right next to each other and people started to settle here. Today it has grown to a size where you cannot tell that this has been two cays. There is an old picture from app. 1910 that shows the beginnings of the population.

Casa Mariposa is a 10 minute boat ride away, located in the bight - and from the hill you have the most beautiful view of the cay. 



How to get around?


There is only one road that connects the villages Savannah Bight, Mitch and Mangrove Bight.

To get to and from the island you normally fly. There are several flights from Guanaja to La Ceiba from Monday to Saturday.

On Saturday there is also a connection to and from Roatan.


Twice a week a ferry connects Guanaja with Trujillo.


What about safety?


Safety has never been a real issue in the last 20 years we have lived here. We do not have fences and live fairly safe here. Theft is a problem but this is an issue everywhere in this world today.


Aktivities on the island


Guanaja is a natural paradise, still unspoiled. 


Water sports: 


Since Guanaja is part of the second biggest barrier reef which runs from Belize down to the Bay Islands diving is great - and so are the opportunities to do it.


There are several dive resorts that offer diving and also packages:











Kite Surfing is also great. Clark´s Cay is a fabulous spot to start from https://www.clarkscay.com


Fly Fishing is also great in Guanaja. You can book packages with t: http://www.flyfishguanaja.com




Guanaja offers excellent sea kayaking conditions -you find calm waters behind the reefs. Roland offer kayak tours: http://www.rolandsgardenguesthouse.com




On land:


Hiking is great and if you want to bird watch contact Roland. He and his family run a charming little bed&breakfast also: http://rolandsgardenguesthouse.com






Bars/Restaurants nearby: 




In walking distance from the house you find several places where you can have a beer or a decent dinner. There is Mi Casa Too which is owned and run by Lisa and Shawn, two locals who serve you delicious food, cool drinks and you can enjoy a beautiful view from their restaurant.https://micasatooguanaja.com




Manati is a bar and restaurant, owned by a German guy.


On the beach next to the Manati there is a small beach bar - they serve Pizza and cold beers. 




Taking the boat out to the cays that you can enjoy Graham´s Cay, have lunch and hang out on the beach. http://grahamsplace.ky/activities/








The other side of the island, the north side, has beautiful beaches and great dive sites. 


A 20 minute boat ride through the canal takes you to Bo´s Green Flash Bar. Bo and his family run the Island House, offer rooms and cook you a delicious local meal in their Green flash Bar.