The property is located in a natural bay called "The Bight". The Bight is the safest bay on the island which offers a n excellent protection from the prevalent east winds. It often hosts sailing boats from all over the world. The land rises up to a ridge that goes up to 150 ft. Descending into the back you find a wonderful creek that flows through the land.


The estate itself  has a size of  about 20 acres and is completely fenced in.

The waterfront is about 400 feet long.

The canal into the sheltered marina is 60 ft. wide and 4 ft. deep. 

The marina has a long dock and can host several boats. The boathouse is equipped with a lift in order to haul out your boat. 


A paved road leads you up to the main buildings that are located on top of a ridge that is about 100 feet above sea level and offers gorgeous views over the ocean and the main cay, called Bonacca.